Meet the fleet

The Exmoor Collection
Doris Hilburn
Barnarda Von Barnards
Amy Louise

The Mardyke Collection
The Mardyke collection is made up of locomotives and units built by the Essex based miniature railway supplier Mardyke Railways, many of these have now become historic and collectable in their own right, some of the locomotives were built nearly 50 years ago! Mardyke Railway’s founder Des de smedt built his locomotives to be strong and durable , The construction is all steel and use powerful diesel and petrol engines. Mardyke Railways built many iconic trains from the humble diesel railbuses to the mighty class 55 deltic.

Class 35 Hymek D7096
Class 47 47548 ‘The Silcock Express’
Class 47 47512
Class 55 Deltic D9019 ‘Royal Highland Fusilier’
Class 101 Diesel Multiple Unit (2 car)
Leyland Railbuses 
Orient Express coach
BR Mk 3 coaches

The Benfleet Collection
7MT  70000 ‘Brittania’
9F 92203 ‘Black Prince’

The Thomas IIs and Tinkerbells
Thomas 2 ‘Ernie Turner’
Thomas 2 ‘ Chriastabel E Holmes’
Tinkerbell  ‘Joan’
Tinkerbell ‘ Isabel’

The Shunters and works locomotives
Pw1  0-4-0 Diesel Shunter ‘Dereck’
Pw2  4wd Lister ‘Spuggy’

The Electric Multiple Units
Barnards Belle 1
Barnards Belle 2