The Benfleet Collection

7MT  70000 ‘Brittania’

Britannia class 7MT 70000 ‘Britannia’ was built by J clark in 1981 in North Wales and like ‘Black Prince’ it is a modern British Railways locomotive from the 1950’s and 1960’s.

The working model also shares the same history as ‘Black Prince’ going from Benfleet to Barleylands to Barnards…

The real Britannia locomotives ran fast freight and passenger trains all over the BR network until 1968 when the diesels took over their duties.

The real 70000 survives today and runs special trains all over the country on the main lines…. maybe one day we will see it pass Barnards!

9F 92203 ‘Black Prince’

This locomotive was Built in 1980 by J Clark of North wales and originally lived at the Benfleet miniature railway, then moved to Barleylands and then to Barnards in 2016, so has spent all it’s working life in Essex!

It is a scale working model of the Mighty freight locomotive known simply as the 9f these ran all over the national network in the 1950’s and 1960s hauling oil and coal trains, as well as the odd passenger train. They are classed as a modern steam locomotive!

The real ‘Black Prince’ survives to this day and is owned by wildlife aritist David Shepherd, can be seen running on the North Norfolk railway.

Our not so little model can be seen double heading with it’s sister ‘Brittania’